Behold the crossroads of London, Piccadilly Circus

This is London equivilant to Times Sqaure in New York City.

Val is a little upset because no matter what direction we had gone in, we always manage to return here, and stare at the Statue of Eros (off-camera). We could have walked in a straight line and still wound up back at Piccadilly.

Around the area of Piccadilly is the famous West End and Soho. There was theatre at every corner and some play or musical going on. Also in this neck of the woods, is London's Chinatown, whose main avenue is closed to vehicles. Nearby Leicester (pronounced Lester) Square is home to several clubs, and only one of two Mexican restaurants we saw in London.

Now, hop on the Central Line to:

Right off Tottenham Court Road is the world famous British Museum. However as one gentleman pointed, "I'm not sure why they call it the British Museum.

Home to some of the most famous antiquities, such as the Parthenon Marbles and the Rosetta Stone, you can literally travel the globe in about 3 hours, as you cris-cross the Museum.

You'd think after 10 year, pictures from the Museum would be up. Sadly, I can not find that batch of photos. When (if) I do, I'll post here.
Now, hop on the Bakerloo Line to: