Here we are at Tower Hill. Any guesses as to what might be here?

Here I am at the famous Tower Bridge. The only bridge east of London Bridge, and the only drawbridge on the Thames. A spectacular sight to see, once you climb to the top and walk across the upper connector, the view of London is breath-taking.

And at night, it looks even more magnificent. If you are there, I recommend the Tower Bridge Experience. Gives you a brief history of how the bridge cames to be and how it works. Also gives you access to those upper walkways.

Here is the legendary Tower of London. This place just overflowed with history. A must see for any tourist. Walk through halls graced by ancient kings, see the royal armory in the White Tower (which was worth the price of admission alone), and of course, the Crown Jewels. I wanted to snap some pictures, but they are strict about no photography. Bummer.

Here's a better shot of the White Tower in the center of the complex.

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