Here at the Waterloo Tube Station, once can also find the Waterloo Train Station which we took to get to Salisbury. What's near Salisbury? Stonehenge

About a 10-15 minute drive north of Salisbury, was Stonehenge. However, they weren't as big as one might think. I was expecting a spread out rock formation, but instead, there were all pretty packed in tight.

It was raining and windy on the day we went. When you would face one way, you didn't feel the rain, but when you faced into it, it felt like my face was being pelted by small rocks. Aside from the monument, there is a major motorway nearby, and that's it. I mean there is nothing by green for as far as the eye can see. We had been in London for about 2 weeks at this point, but only we went to Stonehenge, and then walked through the town of Salisbury, did it feel like we were in England.

Due to the weather (and the fact that we only got there roughly 30 minutes before they close the grounds), we couldn't take as many photos as we would have liked.
It was about a hour and a half train ride back to London.

Now, hop on the Central Line to:

As we step out of the Queensway Station, our tour comes to a close. The Queensway Station is about a block south of the Bayswater Station, near our hotel.

The sights we saw, and the fun we had obviously can't be duplicated here with a few pics, but hopefully it can give you a taste of the wonders of London.

Now please place your seats and tray-tables in their upright and locked positions and prepare for landing.

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