Here at the Westminster Station, we are pretty much at the nerve center of the United Kingdom: Parliament

This is where British law is handed down, but it looks an awfully like a church. This is the southern chunk of the building. It's anchored on the north by:

Of course, the gratuitous shot of Big Ben that you knew was coming. However, let me remind everyone that Big Ben is not the name of the clock. Big Ben is actually the name of the large bell inside. The actually name of this thing is, "Clock Tower." Somehow, marketing opportunities with that name isn't happening.

Right across the street from Parliament is the world famous Westminster Abbey. You may have seen it when Queen Elizabeth II was coronated, when Princess Diana's funeral took place, or when William and Kate got hitched. This is a picture of the east wing of the Abbey.

This is somewhere nearby. Not sure where. But doesn't Valerie look fabulous.

Now, hop on the Piccadilly Line to: